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New month, everything running smoothly
02nd Jul 2008 @ 10:05am

Okay, so even a typhoon can't keep us down hehe. Anyway, everything is a-ok and back to normal. Remember, you can see an extra page by registering on the forum. Introducing yourself and joining the discussions would be nice too. It's also a new month, so vote away if you like the manga. It only takes a few seconds and you can do it once a day. Apart from that, I might as well say that chapter 4.... scratch that, I won't give any details away. I'll let you all wait and find out by yourselves.
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30th Jun 2008 @ 1:10am

For those that didn't hear (me included), a city in the Philippines was hit by a typhoon and the Key Quest artist was there. I hadn't heard from Robert in nine days and was starting to worry. Luckily Robert and his family wer unharmed by the typhoon, but many other families have lost everything. He also had no electricity for 9 days, but still managed to finish a whole bunch of pages during the crisis! Gotta admire his dedication. I hope everyone gets through this disaster.

The regular schedule has been unaffected, but the extra page on the forum has been suspended until I receive the new pages. Once electricity is restored, I'm sure I'll receive them. In the meantime I hope Robert and his family are coping okay.
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Right to Left Navigation
22nd Jun 2008 @ 1:53am

Okay, got a few emails now to change the navigation links to match the right to left nature of the manga. It's now been changed. Let me know if it's better now. Latest and Next have moved to the left and Previous and First are now on the right.
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Damn Technology
21st Jun 2008 @ 8:01am

We've come to the end of chapter 3. You can catch the chapter 4 title page on sunday and the 1st page of chapter four on monday. Good tool for your potency - levitra online. If you register on the forum, you can read one page ahead.

I have my files backed up on my USB stick and when I tried to use it yesterday, the files were gone and it kept asking me to format. I tried both computers and got the same result. All I could do was format. Unfortunately, I can't remember everything that was on the stick, it's an 8gb, so it had a bit of content. The most important stuff has been backed up, but I lost stuff like the Key Quest banners and more. I'll have to search my email archives and see if I can find them. Now I know I can't depend on flash memory either...
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Chapter 3 completion
18th Jun 2008 @ 12:05am

If you're a forum member, you get to see one page ahead of everyone else, so all forum members can now see the last page of chapter 3. Chapter 3 ends on the next update (friday) for everyone else. Hope you enjoyed it.

Onto Chapter 4.
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